We nurture and grow healthy commercial property investments in Sydney’s CBD


Our approach is to source under-developed commercial assets within immediate proximity of heavy rail and infrastructure spending. Then renovate and intensively manage the asset to increase income and value.


We acquire unloved buildings based on key fundamentals including efficiency, natural light, ergonomics and amenity.


Through construction, design and brand, we promote our assets key strengths and deliver projects people want to occupy. Our goal is to create a business with a home which assists them to attract and retain talent.


We create vertical office communities through design, brand and service.


We have ongoing works programs across all our sites to continually upgrade and update.

The investment process

April offers investors the ability to invest in direct commercial real estate, with each asset set up as an individual Unit Trust.

  • Offer Period

    Once we identify a suitable asset we will send through a deal summary for you to consider (without obligation).

  • Consideration

    If you like the deal, let us know - we will send more information plus invite you to a Q&A session.

    Week 1
  • Application

    If the deal appeals then complete the provided application form and transfer the initial deposit to the project trust account.

    Week 2
  • Due Diligence

    Completion of physical and legal due diligence on the property.

    Week 4
  • Capital Commitment

    All investors transfer the remaining required capital in preparation of purchase.

    Week 5
  • Contract Exchange

    We enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the property.

    Week 6
  • Settlement

    We settle the purchase, take over the asset and you are now the proud owner of a Sydney office building.

    Week 12-14
What they say

April provides us the opportunity to invest into smart and unique, value add property deals.

Ben Ritchie, MPA

April has enabled us to derive passive income from a variety of direct property investments including commercial offices and residential developments.

Dr Ivan Popoff

asked questions

  • Each property is held within a unique special purpose vehicle (SPV) limiting your exposure to that single asset. As an investor you purchase units within the specific Fund.

  • April Invest holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (#505959) and all appropriate insurances including professional indemnity as required by ASIC.

  • All investors are required to meet the criteria of a sophisticated investor.

  • To register, please click below.

  • As an investor you will receive your share of the rental income on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Complying self managed superannuation funds can participate in each Offer.

  • There are provisions within the documentation to exit early subject to Manager approval and penalty clauses.

  • Where the Property is eligible for tax deductions based on building allowances, plant and equipment depreciation, and the amortisation of the cost of borrowing, further deductions are available for the amortised costs of your investment. The total amount of deductions claimed for depreciation and building allowances will reduce the cost base of the Property.

  • April Invest is a specialist manager of value-add assets, however all investments offer risk, some of which are outside of the control of April Invest and its related entities. Key risks and solutions include:

    Value - the property value and income may decline due to market condition

    • April Invest specialise in adding value and income

    Costs - project delivery costs may exceed budget and program

    • April Invest typically utilise fixed price construction contracts

    Tenants - there may be periods of no income during renovation works or if tenants vacate

    • April Invest offers an internal property management team who specialise in retaining tenants and also partner with market leading external leasing agents

    Finance - cost and debt may increase

    • Debt on projects is always non-recourse in nature

    Planning - approvals may be delayed

    • Detailed programming typically ensure rental income during any planning application phases

    You should review the specific information Memorandum in full before deciding whether the investment is appropriate to your specific circumstance. This review should include consultation with your financial adviser, accountant or other professional advisers.

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